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Getting the LISTENING report is a smart move. I’m extremely confident it will help you to take care of your canary in a beneficial way.

You have two choices on HOW to receive your report...

This $24 eReport is delivered to you in DIGITAL format...which means you’ll be able to read it on your computer screen in just a few minutes after I send you a "Confirmation of Payment Received" email.

There is also a PRINTED version available. For just $14 more plus $3 shipping and handling I can mail a printed copy of the report--as a booklet--to your door. This printed version is finished off with a sturdy, high-quality report cover to protect your investment. That’s a total of $41 and you get both versions.

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Darren P.D. Walker
PO Box 1892
Porterville CA 93258


YES, Darren! Please mail me the LISTENING Report as printed booklet. I understand I also will receive access to the digital version. Enclosed is $41

Please provide me with access to the digital version only. Enclosed is $24


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